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David Hillman, LMT
Corrective Bodywork for Pain Management

Photo Gallery

FOLLOWING ARE SEVERAL IMAGES from the three workshops I teach.  They serve as good examples of the work I do in my daily practice, as well.

Everyone complains of shoulder tightness to some degree.  Here I am working directly into the tight muscle fibers.

And here I am working indirectly to reset muscle length to a longer (more relaxed) neutral length using a light resist-relax technique.

Shoulder work always needs to include the Rotator Cuff.

The resist-relax technique can be used anywhere in the body.  This is releasing her low back on the stretched side.

This is the Neuromuscular Therapy, direct pressure approach.  It is a great way to release muscles and to lengthen tendons.

This is lengthening a tight and tender Ilio-Tibial Band.

I also address TMJ problems.